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Antique Seth Thomas "World" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas World

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas wall clock, "World", C. 1885. This is another clock that has been in storage for several years. The 32" rosewood case is dirty and the wood looks dry. You know what has to be done to correct that. The gold around the lower glass is pretty good; brass bezel sure needs to be polished. I hardly know what to say about the dial, it looks dirty, yet has very little paint loss which is most unusual. The clock has a great 15 day movement, No. 40, with two large springs and is time only. The Geneva locks are in the bottom of the case. Some people have a difficult time figuring them out, so they remove them. It has a nice ST brass bob with the circles, the hands look fine, and there is a nice label in the case. I couldn't get it to run but I feel confident it just needs to be cleaned and oiled. When I had the dial off hooking the pendulum I didn't notice anything wrong with the movement. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 150.