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Antique Seth Thomas "Warrior and Dog" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Warrior and Dog

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas and Sons, cast brass case with statue of "Warrior and Dog", ca 1853-1875. This large 20" high case has many cast ornaments attached all around the base, plus the bow and arrow held by the lady warrior. This has always been a poplar model for Seth Thomas. Female statues are very collectable and dog statues are always poplar with everyone, so put those both on one case and you hit the jackpot. The round 8 day movement has an outside count wheel and strikes a silver bell on the hours and half hours, and is running well. Seth imitated the expensive French movements and sometimes copied their statue clocks. The movement and porcelain dial are both signed. This dial is very nice, correct hands, French sash and a heavy beveled glass. This fine old clock has been professionally cleaned, polished, and darkened in places so as not to appear to bright and refinished. Refer to Ly-American Clocks, Volume 2, page 294.