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Antique Seth Thomas "Sucile" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Sucile

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas mantle clock in an Adamantine finish, "Sucile", ca 1909. Columns and sides finished in Onyx Adamantine, other parts of the wood case covered in rust adamantine. Etched front is gold filled. I have never seen that on an adamantine case. Gilt metal feet and ornaments. Gilt sash, bezel, and inner dial. 8 day, strikes half hours on a cathedral bell, running very well. Full label on the back. This is one of the nicest adamantine of this type I have seen to not be refinished. I would call it near perfect if not for a tiny chip on the front base. It has been stained and is actually no big deal. Ly-Seth Thomas No. 1180, and No. 1207. Same clock shown two places?