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Antique Seth Thomas "Seattle" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Seattle

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "Seattle", Ca 1890, on of the "City Series" made by Seth Thomas over a period of 30 years. There is a factory date stamp on the back "1891". ST made well over 100 different City Series models and I tried to get one of each. I gave up about 10 years ago and sold them all. This model is one I had trouble finding at that time. They aren't many out there. This is a walnut case, about 22" high, never cleaned, and retains the original finish, glass, dial, label, and pendulum. The nickel bob matches the nickel leader, nickel bezel and dial ring. It is 8 day, strikes a coil gong, and is running up a storm. This is about as good as it gets for originality.