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Antique Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 5" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Regulator No. 5

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas, "Regulator No. 5", ca contemporary. I have had other No. 5 reproductions but this one is probably the best copy I have seen. It has it all, nice looking walnut case, carvings, finials, top ornament, base, dial, pendulum, and weight. Gosh, it looks good enough to have a ST label. The case is marked "46", and the maker is unknown, as it is not signed otherwise. The original No. 5's will bring upwards of $15,000. No one will know but you and me, what you paid for yours. The movement is not like the catalogs show for a No. 5, but instead is identical to the No. 18 movement, except it is not signed. Check Tran Duy Ly's 2004 Seth Thomas book, page 283, for the clock, movement, and top; also the movement for the ST No. 18 pictured on page 300, is identical to the movement in our clock. Excellent brass accessories; beat scale, pendulum bob, weight, pulley, hinges, and of course the 8 day movement which is mounted to an iron back plate. The only demerit I would give the maker is for using a paper dial. If I were to keep the clock I would have the dial painted. Ly-Seth Thomas, 1996 Edition, pages 116-117.