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Antique Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 19" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Regulator No. 19

Catalog Description:

C.1890, Seth Thomas, "Regulator No. 19" wall clock in oak, in very good condition, with restored dial. This clock hung in a Manhattan building and was boarded up out of sight in a small room between the wars. A few years ago, when the building was being remodeled, the wall was knocked down and there was this clock. Somehow word got to Mr. Rappaport and he immediately negotiated the purchase and carried the clock out to his home. The dial had flaked and has been professionally refinished. The case was cleaned with beauty rub and still retains original finish, with minor blemishes. It is an attractive light oak color. Hinges, latches, pendulum, weight and hands are original. We have the mercury in a lexan container, and are advised that it is not possible to ship the mercury, so you will need to make arrangements to pick the jar up in person (or have one of our private carriers bring it for you). This model is discussed in Ly's 1996 Seth Thomas book, pages 128-135. Height 75"