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Antique Seth Thomas "Plymouth" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Plymouth

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas, "Plymouth" on the dial of this ca 1813-1823 tall clock. Seth Thomas probably made this movement with his own hands, sold it to a peddler who sold it to those making cases. During this 10 year period he made many tall clock wood movements, and never made any cases. Because the cases were made by many different craftsmen, no two cases are alike even though we call them Seth Thomas tall case clocks. This bit of history courtesy of Tom Spittler and Tran Duy Ly's book, "Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements". Our clock is complete and running except for the calendar mechanism, which is usually missing. It needs one wheel and a spring to make it complete. It is not overly difficult for a good repairperson to make, just takes a little time. The dial is a great deal better than the picture shows. The name, numerals, and chapter ring, are very visible, and the colors are vivid. Two old brass hands, the two small hands are replacements, seconds hand working properly. Old tin can weights and pendulum. Repairs to the pendulum rod. The case was painted inside many years ago, looks great. The old pine case is 89 inches, wood nail pegs are visible. Finials may well be replacements. We don't find many clocks that are 180 years old, running and in generally good condition.