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Antique Seth Thomas "Parlor Calendar No. 6" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar No. 6

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas Clock Co., "Parlor Calendar No. 6", ca 1886. The catalogs all show this model with brass bezels, these are wood, circles etched around, and definitely original to this clock. Old zinc dials have been repainted, roller paper was not changed. Signed 8 day movement, Geneva stops removed, strikes on a brass bell, running very strong.Walnut case is 27 inches high, in good original condition with one possible exception and that is the top urn. I know from past experience that urns were slightly different from year to year. This one could be a well made reproduction. As Fox News says, "we report, you decide". Two labels in the case, factory stamp on the back indicating this clock was made, "May 1885". Ly-Seth Thomas No.95.