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Antique Seth Thomas "Parlor Calendar No. 5" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar No. 5

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "Parlor Calendar No. 5", ca 1886. Excellent 20 inch walnut case. Polished and well preserved. 8 day movement strikes a brass bell on the hours; it is running and changing the calendar. Label on the door indicates the clock was first sold and calendar set to run on "July 1st, 1878", which makes it even older than the catalogs indicate. The instruction label tells you how to set the calendar. Another full label inside the case just cautions you not to oil the calendar. The old paper dials have been on there for a coon's age, are worn and mottled. I thought Seth Thomas dials were always painted on zinc, so I will say these paper dials aren't original. Ly-Calendar No. 632.