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Antique Seth Thomas "Oregon" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Oregon

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "Oregon", ca 1884, one of the earlier City Series clocks with a more "parlor clock" look. This model has a cocobola wood finish, marqueterie top with a railing on each side, and the case stands 19.5" high. It has been used, not hidden in the closet. Dial has paper on the old zinc pan, and this the second dial at least, is wearing. For sure I would have the dial repainted. Old black label in the base is about gone, another clue it has had daily use a long time. Accessories include a brass pendulum bob and rod, brass cathedral bell. Big 8 day Lyre movement is running but doesn't want to, just gummed up with dried oil. The movement needs cleaning although I did make it run. Apparently it hasn't been running the last few years. Strikes the hours on a Cathedral Bell. The screw holes under the movement are wallowed out. Either needs larger screws (please don't) or fill the holes and use the same screws. Ly-Seth Thomas No. 218.