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Antique Seth Thomas "Omaha" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Omaha

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas parlor clock, "Omaha", ca 1890 Seth Thomas parlor clock, "Omaha", ca 1890 (stamped on the back of the case at the factory) one of the hundred or so City Series clocks made by Seth Thomas in the 1880's and 1890's. This is a walnut cased clock with a balcony rail all around, gold striping strategically placed around the case. It has a brass Seth Thomas pendulum, dial ring, gong stand, and pendulum hanger. This clock has the standard 8 day movement and strikes the Cathedral gong each hour. This clock has been in one family since 1890. We bought it from an 80 year old widow. Her mother started housekeeping with the clock around 1891. It is 100% original, retains the original finish, glass, and black label inside. Ly-Seth Thomas #216.