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Antique Seth Thomas "Office No. 6" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Office No. 6

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "Office No. 6", ca 1909. Their entry in the store regulator race. Other companies made zillions of "shop regulators", "store regulators", around the turn of the century, and made them plain and simple. Seth made theirs to be a little nicer and not as large. After 100 years the ST will sell for twice as much as the Ingrahams, Gilbert, etc. This original case has a crusty finish, is 36 inches high. Sporting an 8 day movement, time only, running very strong. 12 inch dial with a little flaking, no dial ring, good label inside, and original pendulum. Ly-Seth Thomas #473. Because of the dial ring our estimate is lowered considerable below current prices. $350- $450.