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Antique Seth Thomas "Office Calendar No. 3" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Office Calendar No. 3

Catalog Description:

C.1863, Seth Thomas Clock Co., "Office Calendar No. 3", 8-day double dial calendar. This timepiece is usually referred to as the "Peanut". The rosewood veneered case is nice condition with what looks like a newer layer of shellac over the old finish. There is small stress crack on the lower edge of the front door. The original painted upper dial is very nice with some minor paint loss around the mounting screws, winding arbors and a couple of small chips. The hands are original. The lower dial has darkened with age and has paint loss around the mounting screws and one small area on the edge. Someone has added a date of 195? and F.R.R. to the dial. There is some damage in this date area. The tail to the calendar hand was broken off and is missing. There has been a repair to the case in the area of the top door hinge. Has a good black/gold label inside door. Height 24 inches