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Antique Seth Thomas "Office Calendar No. 2" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Office Calendar No. 2

Catalog Description:

C.1880, Seth Thomas Office Calendar No. 2, as-found in fair condition, with modifications as described. This clock lost its crown maybe 100 years ago and a very good cabinet maker made a new one apparently from a verbal description of what it should look like. He got the OG molding too tall and the angled top to tall, adding over 2" to the factory height. Then someone cut out the calendar dial to show the pendulum swinging, and repainted both dials poorly. Both movements are original; one rod has come unattached from the calendar movement, but it is present. Original grid pendulum, bob and weight. Case partially stripped; rosewood veneer good except for minor losses; rollers original. A Major project, or these 2 movements will bolt in a Calendar-No.1 case if you have it. Height 44 1/2"