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Antique Seth Thomas "Office Calendar No. 1" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Office Calendar No. 1

Catalog Description:

C.1865, Seth Thomas Clock Co., Plymouth Hollow, Office Calendar No. 1, 8-day rosewood figure 8 case, weight driven double dial perpetual calendar. Condition: the case front has been refinished; case sides still with dark shellac in place; minor chips in veneer are colored in with shellac, do not show. The dials are original, been re-blacked and over-coated with shellac; it is our belief that the Dial House could remove the shellac and reline the dial over the original base if you wanted to invest in the work. Has proper Seth Thomas movement, weight and pendulum, and the earlier perpetual calendar mechanism. The inside of the door retains a SUPER label, latest patent date 1862. This is the earlier configuration case with in and out OOG side molding with trim strip along the edge, unlike the later version which is all single OG veneer. Both style cases are pictured in Tran Ly's Seth Thomas book, 3rd Edition, volume 1 (2004), page 90. For the early style case, this veneer is in good condition. Height 40 inches Ly Price $5500.