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Antique Seth Thomas "No. 8069" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas No. 8069

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas Sons & Co., Thomaston, CT., "No. 8069" ca 1878, This was their model No. 8069, which in my humble opinion is one of their most elaborate metal-statue clocks. It is 22 inches high, 19 inches wide, with a great many cast pieces attached by spot solder or with screws. There are globes, compasses, telescope, and other instruments one would use to study the moon and stars. Finish is very clean and evenly worn; if in fact it is worn. One would sup-pose it had a gold or bronze gilt originally. Typical movement, round, bell strike, 8 day, and running very nicely. Porcelain dial is signed, "Mitchell Vance & Co. NY". Pretty good for a ST Sons dial, just a little flaking around the arbors. Thick beveled glass. This is a great clock and a favorite of the folks that collect ST Sons clocks. We have sold a couple of nice ones and have seen others sell, all 1000 dollars or better. Ly-American, Volume 2, #904.