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Antique Seth Thomas "No. 62" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas No. 62

Catalog Description:

Eight-day Wall Regulator with Canadian Railroad Dial design. This is surely one of the largest and most impressive wall regulators that we've ever owned!! The 68" tall case retains its original Oak finish and the brass pendulum bob and weight are also original and undented. The original eight-day Seth Thomas No. 62 movement is clean and running well. The dial appears to be a later replacement with the Canadian Railroad style design (see photographs). However, the person from whom I purchased the clock vows that it came from a Canadian source and that the railroad dial is original to the case. It looks so perfect, I have my doubts...but with a clock of this importance, the question of the dial's age won't make a lot of difference to knowlegable collectors. The movement features a "Keystone" front plate and steel-cut pinions. The 'dead-beat' escapement has maintaining power so the clock will continue measuring time even when it is being re-wound each week. The long wood shaft pendulum is 26 3/4" from suspension to the tip of the 4 9/16" diameter( No. 27) ball. The large door has THREE locks to secure it snugly!! These are opened and closed using the winding crank. This imposing regulator will be the focal point of any room in which it is displayed. The modest price is the result of a good buy from a longtime supplier of clocks who favors us with lower acquisition charges. Height: 68 in. (172.72 cm) Depth: 8 in. (20.32 cm) Width: 20 in. (50.80 cm) Weight: 40