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Antique Seth Thomas "Model No. 59" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Model No. 59

Catalog Description:

Quarter-chiming mantel clock with Westminster melody. Someone said that the sweetest chimes on any clocks in the world are those produced during the 19th Century by the Seth Thomas Clock Company. Their quarter-chiming clocks play several different melodies including this, the best known- Westminster Chimes. The name derives from the chiming pattern in the tower of Westminster Abbey in London home of the venerable "Big Ben". Played on patented tuned rods, this clock fills the room with its pleasant tones every fifteen minutes around the clock. This is their model No. 59 made around 1922 and including the ST movement No. 89 with chime mechanism No. 119A (for those who care about the stats). For the rest of us, the lovely chimes on this clock will calm and sooth us even after a hectic, pressure-filled day. The Mahogany case retains its original finish and the silvered convex dial is in excellent condition. The movement was recently serviced, oiled and adjusted for good running condition. Priced at just $675 for a favorable deal to anyone who doesn't yet own one of these charmers. Height: 12 in. (30.48 cm) Depth: 7 in. (17.78 cm) Width: 18 in. (45.72 cm) Weight: 10