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Antique Seth Thomas "Marcy" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Marcy

Catalog Description:

C.1886, Seth Thomas, "MARCY", in walnut, 8-day, quarter strike on 2 bells, and in very good restored condition. The gentleman who consigned this clock owned it for several years but was not aware that the lower portion of the door, below the dial section is restored with a new side piece. This was obviously done by a competent cabinet maker, however he omitted a knob which could still be added. You may compare the basic construction with lot #342 and find it the same. Lastly, the bottom finial has been made to match the side ones, and it should be wider model. The average person would not even notice this, and the clock is otherwise fine with great original dial, hands, damascene pendulum (nickel), beat scale and gong. For reference, see Ly's Seth Thomas book (1996), pages 148 & 149. If not for the restoration, this would have easily garnered $4500. See also lot 342. Height 46 inches