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Antique Seth Thomas "Marcy" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Marcy

Catalog Description:

C.1886, Seth Thomas Clock Co., Marcy, 8-day time/strike with striking on quarter hours on two cup bells and the hour on a gong rod. This oak case model is complete and in generally good condition, exceptions noted. There is a little minor lifting of the veneer in a couple of places on the lower door, and a couple of chips at the top. There is a burn mark on molding just below the door that was probably caused by an oil lamp or candle; original shipping holes in the case back beside the pendulum have been filled. The dial pan is new, with another old metal dial fastened to the pan. The dial mask, is made from an old piece of oak dresser side and looks OK. The hands and movement are original. The pendulum is a proper replacement. Despite these problems, this is not a common clock. With a little effort a proper type dial can be located and adapted to the case, and the minor trim problems can be handled by a good cabinet maker. In original condition, we have sold these for $4500+. Height 46" $2,500-$3,500