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Antique Seth Thomas "Marcy" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Marcy

Catalog Description:

C.1886, Seth Thomas "MARCY"wall clock in generally good original condition with some veneer repairs to the front door. The door suffered some veneer loss at the bottom that has been replaced and not stained the same medium gold color; other minor chips in door veneer. In addition, at some point someone tried washing off the exterior with some solvent that left some dark streaks in the original varnish. The interior of the case is quite clean and untouched, and retains original hardware throughout. This movement is illustrated in Ly's 1996 Seth Thomas book, page 140, and is a large, 3-train, 8-day unit that strikes the quarters on 2 cupped bells, and the hours on a cathedral gong. The dial has been professionally restored over the original paint, with some touch up as well. The case has been waxed to a high sheen, and the movement is clean and running. Still looks good despite the shortcomings. Height 46"