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Antique Seth Thomas "Lobby 18 Inch" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Lobby 18 Inch

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "18 Inch Lobby", C. 1909, or a slight variation thereof. The middle section is all original, good wood work on the front door. The pendulum viewing window should be a round bullseye piece of wood, but an inquiring mind decided to remove it. The 15 day time only movement is signed and original to this case. It is stamped "24" on the right side. This is a No. 40 movement but why it is stamped 24 escapes me. Brass pendulum bob, stick, and beat scale are original. The 18" zinc dial has been expertly repainted. Moving on to the top and base, both have been remade, and expertly done, stained to match the case body, attached and fitted very well. Why they didn't attempt to make it look like the catalog pictures is beyond me. The mahogany case is a tad over 36" high, a fine looking clock, just not all original. Ly-Seth Thomas #384.