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Antique Seth Thomas "Huntress" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Huntress

Catalog Description:

C.1874, Seth Thomas' Sons and Co, NY, No. 8023, Huntress figural mantel clock. Condition: this clock was a last minute addition from a house in Reading, Mass, and is original and complete in every way; only small losses to finish here and there. For reference, see Tran Ly's part 2 of his 3rd and latest edition of Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements, page 1050. Note the pattern changed in 1874, with the addition of the deer with antlers on the center of the base. Seth Thomas offered the clock in 3 finishes, French Bronze, Verde Antique, or Light Verde, of which this one is the first. Note the bow and arrow are shipped loose and laid in her hands, so be careful NOT to lose these, the original ones. Height 20 inches