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Antique Seth Thomas "Hotel" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Hotel

Catalog Description:

C.1890, Seth Thomas "HOTEL" minder clock, oak cased, 8-day. Condition: This clock is in very good original condition, with only minor scrapes and minor loss of nails on the front. This clock could remind the hotel clerk for up to 84 rooms. There are a couple of dozen brass tokens with the room number stamped in. The 12 hour day is marked every fifteen minutes in the lower section. The clerk puts the room token on the desired time for that room. When that time arrives he can give the tokes to a bell man for wake up calls. In the foto, room 59 token is on 7:30 minder post. This clock allegedly came from NH Lancaster House, and a newspaper clipping supporting that idea is included with the clock. Small crack in glass in lower section. Height 37 inches