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Antique Seth Thomas "Hecla" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Hecla

Catalog Description:

C.1885, Seth Thomas Clock Co., "Hecla", 8-day time and quarter strike mantel clock, in generally good condition. This walnut clock is strikes the quarters on two cup bells and strikes the hours on a cathedral gong with large nickel base. The case is in pretty nice condition with original finish, which has gotten wet in a couple of spots and could stand restoration (its not too bad, but does need attention). There is a veneer chip repair on the base, a repair on the left base corner and a repair on the right column, and some loose bits of veneer along the base. The door glass and damascene pendulum are original. The painted dial has had some touch up and then be sprayed with clear varnish to stabilize it. This large 3-train movement was also used in the "Atlas" and the "Marcy". There is a dark but readable label inside the case. Despite cosmetic items, this uncommon clock will restore nicely. Height 22.5 inches