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Antique Seth Thomas "Hall Clock No. 22-74" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Hall Clock No. 22-74

Catalog Description:

C.1910, Seth Thomas "Hall Clock No. 22-74" quarter chime, Westminster on cup bells, with rolling moon phases, in oak. Condition: the oak case has been overcoated with shellac for some time, and that has turned dark reddish-brown, so that in the foto it looks more like mahogany. All of the small carved trimmings on the case are intact. Minor nicks and scrapes. The dial has some scratches and minor oxidation. With original weights, pendulum, bells, glass and so on; beveled glass is good in both top door and trunk door. For reference, see Ly's 2004 Seth Thomas book, page 414. Ly's current value is 16,000 and we have seen these bring over 10,000 at auction. Height 98 inches