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Antique Seth Thomas "Globe" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Globe

Catalog Description:

C.1915, Seth Thomas GLOBE, New Model, 15 Day, time, in very good original condition. This is a very nice school clock, and mis-pictured in Tran Ly's 1996 book on Seth Thomas. Please refer to page 150 which shows on the right a photo identified as a World. It is rather a Globe, New Model. The World is 17 inches wide and the Globe is 16 inches wide and the door is only 12.2 inches long instead of 13 inches on the New Globe; yet both are the same overall length. These are subtle differences, but I have had a proper World hanging in my kitchen since 1984. The lot selling here is a great clock with "old oak" veneer in fine shape, original dial with only small flakes near 3+11, and a fabulous label. Height 32 inches