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Antique Seth Thomas "Eclipse" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Eclipse

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "Balltop" or "Eclipse" shelf clock, ca about 1900. This clock is not shown in the Seth Thomas sales catalogs and Tran Duy Ly doesn't show it with the other shelf clocks, but put it in the back of his book with the dials. I have seen a hundred or more just like this one. They are very popular. This clock is 100% original, case never cleaned, full label on the backboard and another on the door that says, "No 5. 548". They aren't all alike, just like the other Seth Thomas shelf clocks aren't alike. This is the most original I have seen. 8 day, strike and alarm, running. 24 inch walnut case, they are generally found in oak. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 479.