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Antique Seth Thomas "Drop Octagon, 12 Inch" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Drop Octagon, 12 Inch

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas Clock Co. "12 Inch Drop Octagon", ca 1881, per the factory stamp on the case. Brown label inside, over 95 percent good. Everything original, pendulum, maybe even the key. Walnut veneer case is almost 24 inches high. Some scuffing and veneer damage on the left side near the bezel latch, and on the left side down on the base. A little stain on the places would probably disguise them, although not obnoxious as it is, just enough to keep the clock from being great. Wonder of wonders, the old painted dial is original and has very good paint, no chipping, and the bezel still has original putty holdingthe glass. Ly-Seth Thomas No. 505.