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Antique Seth Thomas "Dallas" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Dallas

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas City Series clock, the "Dallas", C. 1885. This was one of the company's early parlor clocks they named for western towns rather than eastern. This one plus the Austin and Carson were in small cases, using great wood selections, and they jazzed them up by using some metal on the front, plus a porcelain dial, a heavier brass bezel, beveled glass, and a different movement than the other City Series clocks. This 8 day movement is No. 5 1/2, outside count wheel, half hour bell strike on top of the movement, standing gong below. There is a great black full label inside and a factory stamp on the door, "5881A", meaning the clock was made January 1885. This case is walnut, burl used on the front, stands only 13" high. There are light hairlines in the porcelain dial; original glass needs to be fitted back into the bezel. Beyond my expertise. These 3 little clocks have always been difficult for the collectors to find. Ly-Seth Thomas #192.