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Antique Seth Thomas "Chronometer Lever No. 5004" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Chronometer Lever No. 5004

Catalog Description:

C.1875, Seth Thomas Sons & Co., New York, "Chronometer Lever No. 5004", locomotive timepiece in good condition. The heavy cast brass case appears to have been nickel plated, but is now worn down to the brass base. The signed 4.5" porcelain dial is chipped around the fast/slow setting hole and around the seconds bit, and it has been painted in over the damage. The door glass has a crack that has propagated about 1.5 inches into the panel. The case houses a signed round plate movement of extra quality "Made in the best manner, with Steel Pinions & Chronometer Balance, Jeweled and are fitted up with finely tempered Hair Spring". Would be $500 in excellent condition. Height 7.5 inches