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Antique Seth Thomas "Chime Clock No. 61" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Chime Clock No. 61

Catalog Description:

C.1921, Seth Thomas Clock Co., Chime Clock No. 61 (rods), 3-tr Westminster chime mantel clock in mahogany with frontal inlay. Condition: This clock has been in storage for some time, but is still trying to tick and chime through the dryness. The chime rods are intact, and with original pendulum., Silvered brass dial with minor scratches and oxidation. Case has original finish with some crazing that should polish out nicely. Some case screws were replaced when chime movement was serviced. This rod version still has the same 2 separate movements as the bell version, but was slightly cheaper. For research info, see Tran Lys 2004 (3rd Ed) book on Seth Thomas, page 163. Height 13.3 inches