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Antique Seth Thomas "Chime Clock No. 214" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Chime Clock No. 214

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas, "Chime Clock No. 214", C. 1909-1923. The Sonora Chime clocks were only made during that time period. This clock has 8 bells and will play either Whittington or Westminster, striking on the quarter hours. Levers to change the strike or silence the strike are on the side. The hours will strike even though the quarter hour chimes are silenced. The 8 day movement is No. 89AG, and the Sonora chime movement is No. 104, both are clean and functioning properly. They call their case "Mahogany Fine-figured Pattern". It is 14" high and in generally fine condition except for one veneer patch on the right side, less than 1" square. The door latch on the back although very serviceable is not original. The clock is fitted with a 6" silver dial that is unusually good compared to most old silver dials. Over the dial is a beveled convex glass in a cast brass sash. Under the case are four round brass feet. Ly-Seth Thomas #713.