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Antique Seth Thomas "Chime Clock No. 1 Special" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Chime Clock No. 1 Special

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas Sonora Chime mantle clock, one of the very poplar 4 bell models, "Chime Clock No. 1 Special", C. 1915. The adamantine mahogany finished case is 13" high, 15" wide. The surface always looks like it was just polished. We could almost call the clock perfect but there are some corner tics we will blame on Bubba. The 4 round brass feet are in place, there is a full label on the back door, one piece porcelain dial signed, "Seth Thomas, Sonora Chime". One tiny hairline between 7 and 8. The 8 day movement and the chime movement are both clean, shining, and running. The time movement is No. 80M, and the chime movement is marked No. 90. If it weren't for the little deficiencies we mentioned we could call this one near perfect. Ly-Seth Thomas #701.