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Antique Seth Thomas "Cabinet No. 1" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Cabinet No. 1

Catalog Description:

C.1865, Seth Thomas Clock Co., "Cabinet No. 1", 30-hour time/strike round top cottage clockwith a J-type movement. Condition: Rosewood veneered case is in very clean condition with original finish. There is a veneer repair on the left side bottom and a little damage on the left side back edge. Paper dial was pasted over flaking paint a long time ago and appears to be 80+ years old. Hands are original. Movement is signed. Fragment of a label on the back. You can see a picture of this movement on page 225 of Tran Du Ly's: Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements, 3<sup>rd</sup> edition, vol. 1. Height 9 inches [22.8 cm]