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Antique Seth Thomas "Bee" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Bee

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas Clock Co. early shelf clock, ca 1881, with several unusual features. It is called the "Bee" because there is a bee and flowers on the front of the ebony case. This clock will need some restoration before it canregain its original beauty. The black case has had extra paint put on thatin my opinion should be removed, or a lot of it removed. This model is prettyrare and very different than the usual Seth Thomas's mantle clocks, and hasalways been a favorite of Seth Thomas collectors. It is not large at14 inches high, front has 2 carved panels of flowers and leaves, again theplace for bees. Around the dial are flowers, marquetery inlay of flowersand 1 bee. The inlay is suffering and will need some remedial repairsand regluing of some of the thin inlay. 4 turned feet, 2 turned finials ontop. A silver plaque on the base says, "To Mother, from the Boys, Xmas 1881".American sash, good porcelain dial, correct hands, dial is signed. Frenchstyle 8 day movement, (signed by Seth Thomas), strikes a standing gong, hasan outside count wheel and the correct pendulum. Case is stamped inside, "290", which I suspect has a meaning about the date it was made. Above themovement is a secret compartment (in plain view) with a hinged door. It isdifferent. Ly-Seth Thomas No. 1297.