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Antique Seth Thomas "Baso" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Baso

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas tambour with a mahogany adamantine finish, "Baso", ca 1917. The case style is not one we see often, in fact, I never have. It took a hit or two in the ride from Texas. I touched 3-4 small nicks with a red mahogany pencil stain and now the nicks are hard to find. The 8 day movement is running up a storm, striking the half hours on a cathedral bell. Convex dial and convex glass. The catalogs call the dial a "New convex 5-inch dial". It is different, I guess paint on metal, but typical of Seth Thomas dials, it is beginning to flake in the lower half. Movement is signed with the ST logo and "89". Ly-Seth Thomas #1257.