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Antique Seth Thomas "Balltop" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Balltop

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas mantle clock, unnamed in the catalogs, but given the names, "Balltop", and "Eclipse", by the collectors. Both names are obvious. It could well have been another of the "Giant" series as it is 24.5" high. This case is walnut, very, very dark with an accumulation of 100 years of smoke and other pollutants. If you like original, this is the one. The dial, pendulum, glass, label, gong and bell, all original. Like so many of the balltops I have had this one also has a small label on the door, "No. S, 3621", which I will speculate means it was made either in 1912 or 1921, as S is the 19th letter of the alphabet and Seth liked to do their dates of manufacture, backwards. The movement is 8 day, striking a coil gong, and alarming on a brass bell. Although dirty looking, it runs fine. No official mention in Seth Thomas catalogs, but Tran Duy Ly pictured it on page 479 of his last Seth Thomas book.